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Jan. 1, 2020

Life - Practice: A users guide.
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To who it may concern,

These following works within category deal with the ideas around personal logic. Focusing on the details of a personal ideology, aesthetic and environment. As all individuals need a space of their own as I want a studio to create a new set of personal Defo-intions: of key-words to focus and realise what you truly desire. As I believe in: because everyone has to have a dream ... but in order for this future to be reality a sense of discipline must be taken in a form of Routine? An prefect balance of work and play in the day of the life of this artist. Along with an awareness of one’s self in a sense of persona. Usually though Hankerchief is; A guide to a functionally & minimal uniform for everyday occasion. As a holistic practice, needs to have grounding for a truly existential preparation for have life has to hold or not.

Yes, you did meet Oliver Griffin
and yes he was boring. Thank you
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