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Feb. 13, 2023

Life - Insecurity of weath in layers of paint.
AKA Baby in the dark, you can’t see shinny car?

To who it may concern,

This photographic typology of the black shinny cars at night in response to Rihanna’s Umbrella (2007), shoot in 4 major capitals around the world. Looking at modern society and our aspirations we desire in our lives. Though shinny black automobiles that act as a status symbol images, details appear that we recognise and in turn desire. As these beautiful black machines are visually lost in the darkness of winter night in the world, I can only feel sympathy for their engines and not their owners. Machines have feelings too, or maybe just the on board computers. Maybe that too far…as this was only purpose to be a conversational with the Hip-hop artist; as a visual record that you can see shinny cars at night...

Yes, you did meet Oliver Griffin
and yes he was boring. Thank you
for reading this information


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