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Jan. 1, 2020

Everything else - How to make your love life a conceptual act.
Prototypes: Misc. typologies of sex, Death or Something else
AKA : Snow and other forms of entertainment, darling.

To who it may concern,

Boredom is simple: reality. The idea of nothing interesting, the mundane and the un-imaginative, just the pure aesthetic-functional that is our everyday existence. This is why we learn How to make your love life a conceptual act seeing (Lo-fi waste management as described with Polythene sack within the City of London, UK) as drops of colour on our doors steps. As, like yourself, I gave up a lot of my dreams, ignorer to live in reality. But indulge in (The fundamentals of external entrainment through food & drink In German culture.) As you could see that the meaning of life can been seen in the work you enjoy and sex basically that is only (Signifiers of hope within pots of mixed materials located in your personal place.) Showing that the shape of things to come in this chapters, of how I see the world; boring, surreal and sexy.

Yes, you did meet Oliver Griffin
and yes he was boring. Thank you
for reading this information


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