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Jan. 1, 2020

Death - Honorific’s of the Usefulness
AKA Objects

To who it may concern,

This is the las past in the series of works:

What I see as time is really the hands of the watch. They always point forwards with purpose, hiding the mechanic & quartz movements. As they are constantly practicing the same thing, I can only begin to understand the manufacture of a cog alone!
So, I visibly appreciate:
The perfection of the shaping of a set of Dauphine hands on a dress watch face; The Snowflake (1.) and Broad Arrow hands which were developed for the French & British military respectively - these were the evolution of the Batton or Arrow hands which were harder to read in the faster paced landscape of warfare;
The development of PADI Certified (2.) SKX hands as practical perfection, compared to the Ploprof and Willard Marine Master classic’s which have the same purpose under +10ATMs. For the practical matter of navigation without landmarks, with just water to sky, by watching a set of Syringe or Alpine hands, showing us where the sun is setting/rising; The Millgauss & Gauss (3.) are indicators of more hidden ideas of anti-magnetism.

A problem within horology, asthough the void is full of problems that have to be solved in order for us to function. So now viewed at these lines, thinking of the fine point of purpose, perfection and practice.

1.Designed for the French Navy in the late 1960’s for clarity for reading underwater.

2.Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) that is authorised by this organisation.

3.Hands are fitted to watches that were designed for highly magnetic environments. Gauss being the measurement of magnetic flux density.

Yes, you did meet Oliver Griffin
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